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The Grap 2.0 LE is Alpina’s best seller. Over a million have already been produced – it fits just perfectly on any head.

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The Grap 2.0 LE is a classic. Style, comfort and an unbeatable fit make up the recipe for success that has already sold a million Alpina helmets. A helmet has to fit – and the Grap 2.0 LE does. Along with the fit, the Run System Ergo Snow that allows the helmet to adjust to the head is also responsible for the secure hold. The helmet also offers a lot of comfort. Soft ears with colourful accents and a neck warmer that wraps all the way around make it feel pleasant to wear. The interior and the ears can be removed for easy washing after a heavy day of skiing or at the end of the season. Flattened, tear-shaped air vents create a comfortable climate inside the helmet. A polycarbonate shell provides protection from the outside and is tightly connected to the helmet’s lightweight Hi-EPS body. The Inmold design allows for the construction of a secure, lightweight, slim helmet. The Grap 2.0 LE has a high-quality matte finish that creates an especially unique look with a peak at the front.

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